This is to celebrate over 150
Because I think you guys are nifty.
I thought that the best way to celebrate
Would be to play some games that are great:
Checkers, wii-U, hide and seek -
These are literally just a peek.
I wanted to say a big THANKS to everypony
For their love that shows that they’re no phony.


Pic 1: Lying AJ | Jerky Hooves | Fuze | Pepper | Serenity
Pic 2: Kaworu | Arrow | Nintendo | Shadow Steed | Artila
Pic 3: Filmcut | Poison Joke | Medusa (modblog is following) | Blackintosh | Kid Discord
Pic 4: Rusty (modblog is following) | Carrot Quill | Hari | Ashugo Season | Vintage Greenhorn | Lack Luster

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    There’s something peculiar about that creature, and I can’t quite shake the feeling some pony is tugging my tail…...